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Top Spiral Durarite Waterproof 3 X 5 Polydura Notebook – Universal – White

Top Spiral Durarite Waterproof 3 X 5 Polydura Notebook – Universal – White

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DURARITE SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS: For demanding underwater applications, Durarite Waterproof Writing Products are unrivalled for their endurance, performance, and useful form factor. Synthetic paper is completely waterproof and holds strong underwater. When wet, use a pencil, all-weather pencil, or grease marker and what you write won’t wash off. Our tough Wire-O binding doesn’t get bent out of shape and doesn’t rust in damp environments. Our scrappy Polydura covers protect the notebook from scratches and stains. Even deep underwater, our Durarite Products will keep your notes intact.


  • WATERPROOF PAPER: This compact synthetic paper notepad has 100 pages or 50 sheets. DuraRite plastic paper sheets won’t tear and can be submerged in water indefinitely. Manufactured by JL Darling, makers of Rite in the Rain, the DuraRite line of pocket notebooks are made for those taking notes in the most extreme environments. If you need a SCUBA dive log, food processing notebook, canoe or kayaking journal, shower notebook, or a fitness journal, you can trust DuraRite with your most valuable notes.
  • WIRE-O BINDING: Tough impact-resistant Wire-O binding won’t lose its shape in your back pocket or backpack. Unlike a standard spiral notebook, Wire-O keeps your open pages aligned and intact.
  • WRITE IN THE RAIN: When wet, use a standard pencil like a #2 Ticonderoga or an all-weather pen like a Fisher Space Pen. Standard ballpoints and permanent markers will work when paper is dry. Water-based inks will bead or wash off Rite in the Rain Paper.
  • WATERPROOF NOTEBOOK COVER: Polydura material creates a tough but flexible outer shell. Whether you’re needing a scuba diving journal, outfitting your work gear, or just keeping a shower notebook, the Polydura Cover material will defend your field notes from scratches and stains.
  • COMPLETELY WATERPROOF NOTEBOOK: DuraRite is made with synthetic plastic paper. Use it in the most extreme weather conditions including prolonged underwater writing. Use it for a SCUBA dive log, Canoe or Kayaking Journal, Shower Journal, Fitness Journal, or a Swim Log. Whatever the amount of water, mud, or sweat, DuraRite will ensure your notes survive.


Rite in the Rain

For over a century, Rite in the Rain's all-weather products have proven to be an essential tool for those working and playing outdoors. From humble beginnings in the logging industry, Rite in the Rain has expanded to serve multiple industries world-wide. Rite in the Rain is a patented, environmentally responsible, All-Weather Writing Paper that sheds water, allowing you to write anywhere, in any weather. From torrential downpours to the blistering heat and humidity, Rite in the Rain is able to provide users around the world with an effective means with which to write, protect, and keep valuable information. Using a pencil or all-weather pen, Rite in the Rain ensures your notes survive the rigours of the field, regardless of the conditions. All-weather products include bound books, notebooks, loose leaf, printer paper, and all-weather pens.

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