Our Brands

We have a simple rule in any market at Zen, it's "always brand first."

It’s very easy when growing a marketplace to focus solely on sales. At Zen we focus on consumers and always make the best decision long-term for the brand in any region.

We’ve helped over 40+ brands launch, seed, and grow throughout Asia-Pacific

Our Brand Portfolio

Growing a brand is a partnership between the Brand, its market partners, dealers and retailers, and every single consumer. We manage a single point solution for many brands, many dealers and millions of APAC consumers.


Atka embodies the spirit of adventure. Inspired by the remote Alaskan island of the same name, Atka outdoor travel essentials are tough, reliable and ready for your next trip to the most remote corners of the globe.

BUFF designs and produces multifunctional headwear for outdoor enthusiasts and urban explorers. BUFF’s range of neckwear, headwear and accessories, are known for their versatility, functionality, and high-quality materials.

A leading global brand making innovative, functional and stylish products that are loved by outdoor enthusiasts across the world.

Honey Badger

Stand alone competition for some of the world premium knives, Honey Badger will create its own category in your stores.

Klean Kanteen

First to market, and leading in areas of sustainability, design and production, Klean Kanteen stands alone in the water bottle and food container categories.


A household name everywhere around the world, everyone needs a Leatherman. Be it home, in the car, or for the worksite, Leatherman has you covered.


When it comes to a category leader in portable lighting solutions, Ledlenser owns this space. There’s one way to prove the performance of a Ledlenser, ‘just turn it on’.

Light My Fire

With an award winning range of food storage solutions and accessories, Light My Fire build on their Spork product, with new functional and sustainable range of products that will bring true value to your store.


When it comes to steel, Swedish heritage always wins, Morakniv offer a beautiful range of single blade knives to add a premium line to your store.


Known as a market leader in fixed blade knives, Muela offer a large range of top-selling products that consumers ask for by name.

Nite Ize

Continued innovation and ideas, Nite Ize continue to produce a large range of very handy products.

Opinel Outdoor and Kitchen Knives Australia New Zealand Singapore

French by name, french by nature, Opinel’s range of premium outdoor, recreation and kitchen knives sets the bar for sharps and cutlery.


Premium quality and design, the Overboard range of water proof bags and accessories will keep you dry.

Pacific Cutlery

High end products across a range of categories, Pacific Cutlery will create add on sales for your store.


A leading global brand for decades, Primus stoves, cookware and accessories will add value to your current range.

Rite in the Rain

Water-proof, dust and grit proof paper is a must, Rite in the Rain proves its value in more use cases than you can imagine – trade, outdoor, car, garden, agriculture, and the list goes on…

Zen Leatherman Australia New Zealand Singapore

It’s been said “creativity is intelligence having fun” – We take a creative approach and develop holistic brand and sales strategy for regions, markets, industry, retailers and consumers unique to each brand’s ultimate value proposition.


Why use a sleeping bag when you can use a Selk’bag, the wearable sleeping bag that adds new options to sell side by side camping, hiking and lifestyle categories.


With the largest line of sharpeners available, there will be a Smith’s product that every single one of your customers will utilise.


A leading brand that has utilised highest grade materials and technology from the get go, Spyderco leads the in the knife category.

Actions speak louder than words...

We strive to ensure that our reputation and performance in the Asia Pacific markets proceeds us, but here’s what a few of our brand partners have to say…

We have enjoyed a 40 year partnership with Zen, they are a benchmark for how we view and recruit new distribution partners for Leatherman globally.
Ben Rivera
Leatherman, CEO
Managing a market and its associated retailers and sales networks presents a range of challenges for a brand, Zen has overcome them all from our perspective.
Greg Windom
Ledlenser, President USA

APAC Regions, APAC Brands...

Discover which brands are available in which regions. It is our goal for 2030 to manage all APAC regions for all of our brands – see where we’re at thus far.