Zen is a brand management hub for the Asia-Pacific region.

We build consumer demand through our extensive wholesale and distribution network, our strategic direct-to-consumer model, and our consumer facing flagship retail stores. The core of the Zen business model has always been simple – we build brands! 

Our People

Our people at Zen are not problem-minded; we’re opportunity minded. Our people feed opportunities and starve problems creating a growth mindset.

Our Process

Efficient process underpins our business capabilities, and our capabilities underpin our strategy and execution of everything we do.

Our Products

We work with brands that understand good design which makes products understandable so that they sell themselves and create consumer demand.

Our Regions

The Zen gateway to Asia-Pacific.

Our ultimate value proposition to global brands is a single-point of contact who manage the majority of the Asia-Pacific region: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Planning and Logistics, Warehousing and more…

From the isolated geography of the Asia-Pacific region, the cost and complexities of shipping, logistics, duties, and other associated costs of managing multiple regions and distributors, Zen solves these problems by positioning ourselves to create a single point of contact for brands – one partnership, one account, that covers Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Our Brands

We create solutions for a range of big brands looking to grow in the Asia-Pacific region speaking to consumers in the Outdoor, Lifestyle, Industrial, DIY, Recreation, and Leisure segments.

Dealer Login

Using our ZenPort dealer ordering platform you can streamline purchasing, order 24/7, see up to date inventory management information, access all your order history and more. Contact Customer Service if you don't have your login.

Aftersales Service

Our brands pride themselves on ensuring the highest possible quality for their products. But when things go wrong, we’re here to help…

Making a warranty claim is simple. Click below and complete the warranty form. Once complete you’ll receive a confirmation via email with a unique warranty job number – this needs to be included when you return you items.