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Steelie Orbiter Magnetic Socket+Metal Plate

Steelie Orbiter Magnetic Socket+Metal Plate

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The Orbiter Magnetic Socket component attaches to Steelie mounts using a powerful neodymium magnet and silicone center for a secure connection and smooth glide. By combining magnetic power and a thin high-friction ring designed to prevent slipping, the phone docking surface of the Orbiter Magnetic Socket holds your phone securely in place. The low-profile Steelie Orbiter Metal Plate adheres to most phones and cases using 3M® LSE200 adhesive.


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Boulder, Colorado-based Nite Ize has been in the innovation business for over 20 years. Founded on the idea of finding simple, creative solutions to everyday problems, Nite Ize’s product development team has an incredible track record of churning out award-winning “why didn’t I think of that?” innovations that users in the know can’t live without. Strong packaging and point-of-sale merchandising help sell the story and make Nite Ize a must-have in your store.

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