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SlideLock Carabiner Bungee – 48in – Green

SlideLock Carabiner Bungee – 48in – Green

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The SlideLock Carabiner Bungee is affixed with two slide-to-lock carabiners at each end. The locking carabiners prevent bungee slipups (and possible injuries), providing a confident connection. On top of security, the SlideLocks simplify unloading and adjusting, keeping the carabiners attached with or without tension for constant use in a truck bed, garage or trailer. The over-moulded steel SlideLock carabiners stand up to constant movement, securely holding tarps, garbage lids, paddleboards and more in place. A reliable counterpart to the carabiners, the high-quality bungee features a unique braided polypropylene sheath for advanced wear protection.



  • Slide-to-lock carabiner for quick + confident connection
  • Carabiner remains attached with or without tension
  • Strong steel carabiner core
  • Premium wear-resistant bungee with unique polypropylene braiding



Dimensions: 44 mm x 1219 mm x 20 mm
Weight: 112g



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