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P6R Signature / Box

P6R Signature / Box

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The superior brightness delivered by the P6R Signature is perfect for any outdoor adventure. It is extremely robust and resistant, with its hard-anodised surface and IP68 water and dust protection. The Mode Switch offers four assignable modes, an additional red light on the side, stepless dimming and focusing as well as personalised light functions and sequences. The practical wall mount with our Magnetic Charge System makes it easy to recharge.



  • Powerful premium flashlight with numerous proven Ledlenser technologies and natural color reproduction (CRI
  • Mode switch for direct access to light functions – freely configurable thanks to the Smart Light Technology
  • Red auxiliary light on the side of the housing, for example, is suitable for maintaining the night vision in the dark
  • Hard-anodised body material provides added protection against wear and corrosion
  • Convenient charging of the battery with wall mount and Magnetic Charge System



Lumens: 1400lm (Boost) – 1100lm (Power) – 450lm (Mid Power) – 15lm (Low Power)

Beam distance: 240m (Boost) – 190m (Power) – 110m (Mid Power) – 20m (Low Power)

Runtime: 1.25h (Power) – 2.5h (Mid Power) – 60h (Low Power)

Weight: 170g (incl. batteries)

IP Class: IP68

Features: Dimmable , Red Light, Transportation lock , Flicker Free, Memory Function, Back-Up Light

Technology: Advanced Focus System, Smart Light Technology, Magnetic Charge System, Emergency Light, Temperature Control System, Flex Sealing Technology, Multi-Core Optics






LED lights today are getting brighter and brighter; smaller and smaller. But is brighter really better if the quality of the light is compromised by outdated focusing technology? Is a smaller frame enough, or should it be a smaller frame that can be operated with only one hand? How about beam distance and run time? Warranty and materials? While most light companies want to tell you about their quantity of lumens (brightness), we’d like to talk to you about our quality. We’d like to show you the difference between bright and clearly brighter - what it means when your light is a German engineered Ledlenser.

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