P2R Core / Box

P2R Core / Box

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The smallest and lightest P-series lamp offers significant light output in a compact housing. With a clip, the pen lamp can be easily attached to the shirt or trouser pocket and is always ready for use. The P2R Core comes with rechargeable battery, Endcap Switch and the Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System.



  • Ultra-compact flashlight – only 36 g and 103 mm (defocused)
  • Outstanding Ledlenser light quality brightness, beam range and run time are ideally matched to the energy source
  • Advanced Focus System for efficient, tailor-made light in the focused and defocused state
  • Practical clip for attachment to a shirt or trouser pocket
  • Eco-friendly, rechargeable battery (via micro-USB port) 



Lumens: 120lm (Power) – 50lm ( Mid Power) – 15lm (Low Power)

Beam distance: 65m (Power) – 45m ( Mid Power) – 15m (Low Power)

Runtime: 0.5h (Power) – 1h ( Mid Power) – 5h (Low Power)

Weight: 36g (incl. batteries)

IP Class: IP54

Technology: Advanced Focus System



LED lights today are getting brighter and brighter; smaller and smaller. But is brighter really better if the quality of the light is compromised by outdated focusing technology? Is a smaller frame enough, or should it be a smaller frame that can be operated with only one hand? How about beam distance and run time? Warranty and materials? While most light companies want to tell you about their quantity of lumens (brightness), we’d like to talk to you about our quality. We’d like to show you the difference between bright and clearly brighter - what it means when your light is a German engineered Ledlenser.

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