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Morakniv Companion Fishing Scaler 150

Morakniv Companion Fishing Scaler 150

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A fishing knife with a serrated spine designed for de-scaling fish and a blade made of special, cold-rolled Swedish stainless steel. The combination of the blade and the rubber handle makes this an optimal knife for fishing when you need to be able to work safely and efficiently in damp environments.


The patterned friction grip of the rubber handle reduces the risk of slipping when wet, while the polymer edge protection is simple to keep clean.



Blade Length: 150 mm

Overall Length: 265 mm

Blade Thickness: 2.0 mm

Blade Material: Swedish Stainless Steel

Sheath Material: Polymer Sheath

Handle Material: TPE Rubber

Weight: 125.5 g



Morakniv includes a large amount of different knife models, all of them made in Mora under scrupulous control. There are knives for the woodcraft project, weekend dinner and outdoor adventure. Every knife contains carefully chosen characteristics that make it as good a working tool as possible in its optimal environment. We hope you find one that you like, whatever requirements you have of your knife.

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