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K14SBK Z-Cut Kitchen Knife S PT Lightweight Black

K14SBK Z-Cut Kitchen Knife S PT Lightweight Black

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The pointed version of Spyderco’s Z-Cut knife combines all the advantages of an offset design with an acute point that is perfect for detailed cutting tasks. Easily recognisable by their Z-shaped profiles, offset knives are unique because their handles are above the level of the blade instead of in line with it. Like a classic chef’s knife, this aligns the blade’s edge with the finger knuckles while providing ample clearance for them when working on a cutting board. Unlike a chef’s knife, however, offset knives are much smaller, lighter, and much more versatile.

The USA-Made Z-Cut series of knives elevates the time-tested concept of the “offset” knife to all-new levels of quality and performance. Their highly refined ergonomics, state-of-the-art CTS BD1N blade steel, and scientifically optimised blade geometry offer an unparalleled cutting experience and will quickly make them your favourite “go-to” knives for all food preparation chores. Each version of the Z-Cut is available in black, red, yellow or green handles, as well as both PlainEdge and SpyderEdge configurations.


Handle: 110 mm

Blade: 112 mm

Blade Steel: CTS BD1N

Weight: 28g

Handle Material: Polypropylene



With each Spyderco knife you’ll discover innovation, higher-performing materials, up-to-date manufacturing techniques, and the latest in engineering technology. When you buy a Spyderco knife you can expect a high-quality reliable cutting tool designed and manufactured for peak performance and ergonomic comfort. Guaranteed.

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