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Inka Mobile Refill / Blue Ink

Inka Mobile Refill / Blue Ink

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Inka Mobile Pen & Stylus – Model XN IMR03R7 (Refill – Blue Ink)

Durable, lightweight carbon fibre and nylon components
Features carabiner clip for secure attachment and easy release
Easy-access quick use pen
Easy-access touch-screen capacitive stylus for convenient use with iPads,
iPhones, Android devices, and other touch screen devices
Features a replaceable pressurized blue ink cartridge that gives the Inka
Mobile it’s amazing ability to write in extreme conditions
Dimensions: 108mm x 18mm x 11mm
Weight: 10g


Nite Ize

Boulder, Colorado-based Nite Ize has been in the innovation business for over 20 years. Founded on the idea of finding simple, creative solutions to everyday problems, Nite Ize’s product development team has an incredible track record of churning out award-winning “why didn’t I think of that?” innovations that users in the know can’t live without. Strong packaging and point-of-sale merchandising help sell the story and make Nite Ize a must-have in your store.

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