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Infini-Key Key Chain – Stainless

Infini-Key Key Chain – Stainless

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Made of lightweight, durable stainless steel, the Infini-Key carabiner key ring allows for easy attachment and removal of multiple keys. The simple design of the Infini-Key not only keeps multiple keys handy – it also allows you to isolate and remove any one of them without having to struggle with a stubborn split key ring. Just slide the key you need to the narrowed top – the neck of the Infini-Key keeps your other keys from following – and unlock the simple carabiner clip to remove.

The carabiner can also be used to attach the Infini-Key to a belt loop, backpack, or second key ring, keeping your keys secure and handy wherever you go. 


  • Unique, high quality stainless steel key ring that allows easy access and removal of keys – No more split rings!
  • Carabiner clip allows secure attachment and easy release to most loops, straps, backpacks, or second key rings
  • Holds more than a dozen keys easily and securely
  • Dimensions: 29.6mm x 63.2mm x 2.6mm 
  •  Weight: 6g 


Nite Ize

Boulder, Colorado-based Nite Ize has been in the innovation business for over 20 years. Founded on the idea of finding simple, creative solutions to everyday problems, Nite Ize’s product development team has an incredible track record of churning out award-winning “why didn’t I think of that?” innovations that users in the know can’t live without. Strong packaging and point-of-sale merchandising help sell the story and make Nite Ize a must-have in your store.

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