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Chaparral Sun & Moon Blk Handle Serr Blade

Chaparral Sun & Moon Blk Handle Serr Blade

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The members of the Chaparral family of knives all share the same refined back lock folder design, but express it with distinctively different handle materials and treatments.


The newest member of this elite class is the Chaparral Sun and Moon, which showcases a smooth white G-10 scale with a red G-10 inlay and a black G-10 scale with a genuine mother-of-pearl inlay. Reminiscent of a yin-yang symbol, this stunning prestige folder features a full-flat-ground CTS® XHP blade and a reversible deep-pocket wire clip.


Handle: 91mm

Blade: 71mm

Weight: 65g

Blade Steel: CTS XHP

Includes: Ambi tip-up Clip



With each Spyderco knife you’ll discover innovation, higher-performing materials, up-to-date manufacturing techniques, and the latest in engineering technology. When you buy a Spyderco knife you can expect a high-quality reliable cutting tool designed and manufactured for peak performance and ergonomic comfort. Guaranteed.

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