To all Zen consumers,

We wish to make you aware of a recent product recall of the Nite Slidelock Carabiner Bungee models sold from BCF stores. The recall for the Nite Ize Slidelock Carabiner Bungee (PRA 2023/19952) was published on the Product Safety Australia website on the 19th October 2023. The ACCC will monitor this recall on behalf of the Commonwealth Minister responsible for consumer protection.

Product Information: The Nite Ize Slidelock Carabiner Bungee is an elastic strap with 2 slide-to-lock carabiners at each end. This product is sold in three sizes/colours:

Red: 24 inch length, 8mm diameter (Product Code: BSL2410R3)

Blue: 36 inch length, 8mm diameter (Product Code: BSL3603R3)

Green: 48 inch, 8mm diameter (Product Code: BSL4817R3)


Dates Sold: These three products were sold at BCF between 1 May 2023 to 6 October 2023

Why the product is recalled: The product does not comply with the mandatory standard for elastic luggage straps. The products in question do not have the required safety warning label attached to the elastic strap. Here is an image of the safety warning label in question.

Hazard: There is an increased risk of serious injury to the users or bystanders if the product is used incorrectly due to the missing warning label.

Instructions for consumers who have purchased this product: If you have purchased the product, please check for the following safety warning label:

If your purchased product does NOT have this safety warning label attached, stop using the product immediately, and return the product to the BCF purchase store for a full refund.

Products that do have the safety warning label attached are not applicable and do not need to be returned.

Contact for further information: Consumers can contact Zen Imports by phone +61 2 8878 3600 or email

Purchased from: BCF

If you think you may have purchased the Nite Ize Slidelock Carabiner Bungee, please be sure set yourself a reminder to check at home. It is recommended that you

• Take a photo of this notice
• Set a reminder on your phone

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