The Opinel Picnic+ cutlery inserts are smart and durable accessories for on-the-go meals and camp cooking. Part of the Nomad Cooking Collection, you can ditch the disposable cutlery and replace it with a Picnic+ set. Perfect for hiking, weekend picnics, or just everyday lunches, the Picnic+ set utilises the Virobloc® safety ring on the No.08 folding knife to hold the fork and/or spoon insert in place.

The Opinel Picnic+ cutlery comes in two different sets. The Picnic+ Insert Set includes a fork insert, spoon insert and a dual-use microfibre napkin that doubles as a carrying case for your set. The Picnic+ Complete Set includes everything in the Insert Set but adds a Traditional No.08 Stainless Steel folding knife to use with the inserts.

The Picnic+ sets will be arriving at Zen in Q1 2023. To learn more about the Picnic+ sets, or any other product in the Opinel range, click HERE

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