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Tactical Solargorilla

Tactical Solargorilla

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The Solargorilla tactical portable solar charger gives your powergorilla battery juice anywhere under the sun. It is also a viable charging option for netbooks under 40 watts and it can even charge virtually any 5V device from the USB output. 

The Solargorilla works via two PV (photovoltaic) solar panels which generate electric current when they are exposed to sunlight. This allows users the freedom to charge anywhere there is good, strong sunlight, and the technically advanced panels ensure superb power and reliable performance – all housed in a tough outer casing. 

This tactical version was designed with military and aid users in mind, in keeping with existing preferred colour schemes and camouflage techniques. 



  • 10W multi-voltage, clamshell solar charger
  • 1x USB output: 5V /2A
  • 1x DC output: 20V /0.5A
  • Size: 264mm x 200mm x 19mm (folded)
  • Weight: 700g 



  • Solargorilla
  • 1x DC extension cable (2m)
  • 1x USB extension cable (2m)
  • 1 x USB-C to USB cable (2m)
  • 1x Female 12V socket
  • 1x Laptop tips set (10 pieces)
  • Neoprene case
  • Velcro strap



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